Dodo: 6502 Portable Game System

About Dodo

Dodo is a retro game system that runs on a real 6502 processor available as a kit. All parts are easy to solder through-hole components. Games are fun to develop using the playground in the cloud. Chromebooks are perfect development environments because no local software needs to be installed which makes Dodo a great fit for education. For flashing games on Mac or Windows the Dodo CLI is required.

Check out these links to Dodo games in the Playground!

Play Invaders » Play Tetris » Play DodoNibbles »


Get started today using the Playground to explore the game API and write games of your own! Sign in with your GitHub account to be able to save your projects.


  • 65C02 at 1mhz
  • 128x64 Monochrome OLED Screen
  • Square Wave Audio
  • 32KB Ram
  • 32KB Rom
  • 8KB Game Cartridges
  • RS-232
  • Battery Powered

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